Saturday, August 31, 2013

White Rose

As a bride adorns herself with her jewels, 
so the Lord God will cause righteousness
 and praise to spring up.
From Isaiah 61

White rose, you are 
Like a wedding in one bundle,
Silk and satin of a bride's gown,
White, white, white for purity 
Tiara of gold for honour, for dignity
Circle of gold for commitment and endurance
Touch of pink, like a flower girl's dress,
For innocence, for sweetness, for fun
White, white, white for true love
White rose, you glow with beauty, with glory, 
Sparked with yellow for light, for truth, and for joy
You are fragile as love that must be tended
Underneath—green for growing, 
Strengthening, renewing,
Love reblooms 
More beautiful each time.

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