Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Joy is peace dancing, and peace is joy at rest.
F.B. Meyer

Daydream a spot of 
Sunrise on a stem—twirling, waving
Like a topaz gemstone on the tip of Solomon's scepter

In the green gush of growing,
In the fresh-washed air hung up to dry
In the warm after-rain-noon

Daydream a spot of
Syrupy sweetness on a stem—glowing, dripping
Like orange sherbet of a child's push-up pop

Monday, June 9, 2014


I am the vase of God, he fills me to the brim.
 He is the ocean deep, contained I am in Him.
Angelus Silesius

by Elece Hollis

Abandoned ocean-floor house,
Washed clean and forsaken
On the waiting sand,
Eternally echoing the voices of the sea;
Ruin of a once-happy home, 
Roof sagging in,
Windows gone—children gone,
Silent with daffodils
Still nodding each spring;
Short dress—without sleeves,
Worn pretty at the sophomore dance,
Bright in her memory’s eye, yet faded by time;
Empty remains of what once was full of life,
Of herself—a shadow,
Without love—without hope:
Of himself—a sad crust,
Without voice—without song,
Without God
Souls are left empty.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


We can never be lilies in the garden until we have spent time
 as bulbs in the dark, totally ignored.
Oswald Chambers

 by c.elecehollis

Break open to the sunlight,
Open to the rain,
Open to the glory,
Open to the pain.

To pain that says you are alive,
To heat that makes you grow,
To rain that fills your hunger,
To light that falls to show

The beauty of our gardener,
Who plants us with great care,
Who waters us and shares with us
His goodness everywhere.