Friday, June 30, 2017

Plainly Beautiful

Plainly Beautiful
By Elece

How plain you are––how colorless. 
What do you know of show?
I have a bit of color
Most will never know.

I've never seen you blooming;
I don't believe you do!
I don't bloom just exactly 
As God meant you to do.

Some folks just don't have color
They are lifeless and alone.
It's just that I bloom quietly
Home and in my zone.

Some are gifted with a special
Way of blooming few will see.
It makes them all more wonderful
For the their unique rarity.

Thursday, June 29, 2017



Oh! the old swimmin'- hole! whare the creek so still and deep
 Looked like a baby-river that is laying half asleep,

From The Old Swimming-Hole by James Whitcomb Riley

Otter be Fun

Summer is for swimming in 
Your little green pool–– splashing, 
Splashing in the shade and the cool.

Summer is an otter's dream,
In the moonlight at the midnight
Among the rocks she splashes

Where little fishes try to sleep,
She splashes and and she splashes.
Otters at swimming school!