Friday, August 9, 2013


"Of the five senses through which we experience life, 
scent unquestionably has the most power  to evoke memory." Hallmark 

The garden, I smell it
That musky smell of fruit,
Like perfume in a bottle. 
The leaves vining along the fence
Seem to have more 
Scent than the
Fast growing green melon
Still, I can smell it ripe.
I picture the bumpy rind
And orange insides
See them split, seeds 
Spooned out, sliced 
Into bite-sized pieces
At Grandma June's hand
Taste it sweet and summer sunny 
With my lunch—again at supper 
Again at breakfast with biscuits, 
Bacon, eggs, and Mayhaw jelly
I remember, more than smell,
Another day—long past
And crave it.

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