Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crape Myrtle

Oklahoma summers linger,
Hot and weary, but pieces are
Painted with red, white, purple, and pink.
Flowers fluttering in the morning breezes,
Nodding sleepy still in the afternoon heat
Notice how how they rest in sweetness
Sweet scented as roses. Stop! 
Smell the crape myrtle;
Smell the soft ruffled 
Color of summer!

Oklahoma summers dry
Grass to hay, people to weariness.
Painted with red, white, purple, and pink 
Growing in back alleyways, beside old houses
Outside my bedroom window, there they thrive
Ornamenting businesses; shading parking lots;
They're everywhere. Listen!
Hear them singing to the thrum of cicadas.
Hear the sweetest musical
Color of summer!

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