Thursday, July 11, 2013


We're painting circley summer sunshines,
Flower pots full of bright yellow dandelions,
Clouds sweetly sailing on blue-blue sky.
We can paint horses galloping by!
We're painting kites on wind, boats on lake waters
We're stirring and mixing paints of all colors,
We're painting bicycles, flags, and fireworks,
Purple houses with chimneys like smokestacks,
Crooked square windows and open front doors,
Gramps on his tractor doing farm chores,
Butterflies flitting and red birds a'singing
Sparrows on nests and goldfinches winging
We're painting summer, bright colored days
The garden growing a corn stalk maze.
Grassy green lawn and sweet pasture where cows graze.
We're putting up summer to recall on winter days.

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