Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Day

New Day

A sweet damp coolness 
Strange for July 
Lies over the farm this morning.
I walk to the box to post
A letter to a friend;

Walk to where the horses
Graze in the south pasture.

Sam has pinpoints of orange neon
Along his ebony legs and flanks
He's been walking through 
Patches of Coreopsis 

Curious—He stretches his neck 
toward me, nostrils flared to smell
My fresh soap scent.

In the mown grass along the road
A length of tan white rope,
A snake's discarded mosaic skin,
Catches my eye.

Intricate, fragile, tenuous
Like designs etched in leather
My skin has grown thin too 
Mayhap, it is time to change.

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