Sunday, July 14, 2013


Bumblebee, what a fine job you have!
Your career calls for visiting 
Gardens and meadows
Wherever flowers bloom, 
The enterprise you undertake
Sampling nectar of every flavor, 
You savor ( it's your duty)
Rose juice, crape myrtle wine, 
Peach blossom syrup, 
Daisy liqueur, Azalea sap, zinnia must,
Juice of lilies and daffodillies.
Do you have a degree? Would I need one?
Were I to learn your craft, 
Follow you in your profession,
Sniffing blooms and dipping my nose
In bright satiny colours 
All day long
It's a vocation, a delightful calling
I am certain I could 
Master and relish!

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