Monday, November 10, 2014

Make Music

 "One ought, every day at least, to hear 
a little song, to read a good poem, to see 
a fine picture, and if it were at all possible,
 to speak a few reasonable words." 
Johann Wolfgang  Von Goethe

Make Music
by Elece Hollis

Make music wherever you go;
That's generosity.

Tap a rhythm—start the beat;
That's leadership.

Hum and strum a melody;
That's encouragement.

Laugh at false starts and off key notes;
That's grace.

Sing the words out loud and bold;
That's a gift to the world.

"Then those who sing,
 as well as those who play the flutes, shall say,
 'All my springs of joy are in you.'"
 Psalm 87:7


  1. I love the insight you put into this poem. The picture is great, too!

  2. LOVE this Elece! God has always used music and poetry to touch my heart. The pictures are beautiful. Chery

  3. Martha, I loved talking to this lady at Rendezvous who goes by the camp nickname of Parson's Wife.

  4. Thanks Chery. Did you notice that her hat was tied with a seamstress' tape measure? She was a bit of poetry herself!