Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blazing Stars—Prairie Jewels

Everywhere I find the signature, the autograph of God.
Joseph Parker

Blazing Stars
By Elece Hollis

 Lavender spears wave
In August's super-heated wind,
Calling butterfly and bee
To feast the summer's end.

Lilac wands sway
Above the prairie grass,
Where by day meadowlark sings
And by night deer quiet pass.

Amethyst scepter rises
Lifted to the wide Oklahoma sky
Stop here and see the wonder of me
Before you rush on by.


©Elece Hollis, author of Limitless Grace

“But though I had been such a great sinner before conversion, yet God never charged the guilt of the sins of my ignorance upon me; only He showed me I was lost if I did not have Christ, because I had been a sinner. I saw that I wanted a perfect righteousness to present me without fault before God, and this righteousness was nowhere to be found except in the person of Jesus Christ.”
                                                             —from Grace Abounding by John Bunyan
Welcome to a unique and memorable reading experience, where classic meets contemporary, with Limitless Grace. In this lovely devotional—inspired by the writings of John Bunyan—dozens of contemporary devotions offer refreshing reminders of God’s exceeding goodness. Each reading is paired with selected text from Bunyan’s Grace Abounding, making it a fresh way to experience one of the greatest Christian classics of all time.@@@@


  1. Elece, I love wildflowers, too. I think I like the next to the last photo the best. Love it's vibrant colors, the detail in the focused flower and then the bokeh effect behind. Pretty!

  2. Elece, I like the one just below the poem because it shows the beauty of the flowers even close up. I like how the single stalk in the photo next to the bottom shows such brilliant color, while the stalks in the background seem to be boldly guarding it.