Saturday, April 26, 2014

Crayon Colors

Circumstances and situations do color life, 
but you have been given the mind to choose
what the color shall be. 
John Homer Miller

Crayon Colors
By Elece Hollis

Were these colors in my crayon box
With woolly white of grazing flocks?
I remember periwinkle blue,
Olive green and slate grey too.

Sandy beach and sycamore bark
Cinnamon twist, twilight black, 
Bittersweet orange and yellow-green 
With timberwolf gray sandwiched in between.

Chestnut, raw sienna, Indian red
With sea-foam floating overhead;
Just a touch of atomic tangerine
Cornflower blue and asparagus green.

I loved my box of sixty-fours
And when I take a walk outdoors
I find the colors still in mind
Crayons trained my heart to find.

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