Friday, February 24, 2017


"Faith is blind––except upward. 
It is blind to impossibilities, and deaf to doubt."
S. D.Gordon



By Elece Hollis

 Soar in the sky! Like a bird––Take wing!
It looks to me like an effortless thing.
To glide on the wind through the winter sky,
 To soar up high––to glide––to fly.

We struggle and worry our goals to achieve,
When in faith we could soar––trust––believe.
We could fly above all hubbub and noise;
 Find instead life's blessings and joys.

Soar in the sky! Like a bird––take wing!
Trade worry and doubt for a song to sing.
For life indeed is a marvelous thing.
Take off! Take heart––have faith! Take wing!

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