Monday, June 22, 2015

Bumble-Bee Song

Oh, the depths of the fathomless deep,
Oh, the riddle and secret of things,
 And the voice through the darkness heard,
 And the rush of the winnowing wings! 
Sir Lewis Morris

Bumble-Bee Song
By Elece Hollis

Whistle and hum a song for the bees
Bumble and bizz and buzz
A bumblely, humbely, happy day song
Of the bumblebee just because...

Summer has come to the country;
God whistled it in on the breeze.
It pulses and sings and shimmers on wings
And trembles like leaves on the trees.

It rests in the heat. It hovers mid-air;
Greets all the flowers by name!
No less can I—as long days drift by
Go visit the petals the same.