Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fields in Summer

The fields are dressed for summer
Beneath the broad blue sky,
Decked out in every gleeful color,
Waving to the passerby!
Dancing in the heated wind
Lining ditch and alley
Susan with her big brown eyes

Native sisters in bright blankets
Nod with the summer rhythms
Wine, yellow, orange, and red
Woven striped and beaded—see them? 
 Pink Prairie Gentians
With blond sun-washed curls,
Are garbed in soft pink dresses
Like ballet-dreaming little girls.
You never know who you might find
Among the meadows grasses
A fellow in a brown fur hat
In a coat of rust and yellow passes 
Yes, the fields are dressed for summer
Hoping you will slow your pace
Not miss the festival of color
Spread across the earth's green face.

By Elece.Hollis, author of  A Celebration of Family with Helen Steiner Rice   http://bit.ly/1m7uCeK
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  1. Oh my goodness, Elece -- love the photos and the verse. Such wildflower beauty!

    1. I do love wildflowers. It took us extra long to get to the reunion in East Texas because I kept asking Ron to stop so I could take more photographs!

  2. I love the fields of Indian blanket wildflowers as they remind me of the Southwest.

  3. Oh, me too! I was so excited to find these Our trip from Oklahoma was lengthy because I keep asking Ron to stop so I could take more pictures.