Thursday, March 20, 2014

White Roses

A man who could make one rose...
would be accounted most wonderful; 
 God scatters countless such flowers us! 
Martin Luther

Dressed in springtime finery
there she goes;
Nothing sweeter than a rose!
She is wearing her rose-colored glasses;
Down the rose-lined lane she passes.
A rose by any other name would still be sweet.
A poem without a rose is incomplete.
Roses are red, or so they say,
A rose a day keeps the doctor at bay.
Take time to stop and smell the roses;
The rose, the dearest of all the posies!
The fair sweet rose—a flower divine
A rose in time saves mind.
Whiskers on kittens and raindrops on roses,
Sweet as a newborn baby's toe-ses.
Sing of the glorious rose—I try
Tiger Lilies, lion-eyes, and roses, oh my!

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