Friday, January 17, 2014

Boogie-Woogie Girls

Music is the laughter of heaven.
c.e. hollis

Climb with me up on the bench
Let's patter and plink and play
Stretch a foot to pump the pedals
What fun to sing and sway! Hey Hey!

Let's bang on Granny's piano
Have us some jolly good jive
Some blues - some jazz - some razzamatazz
Some jitterbug - ragtime live!

Jingle-jangle, ringle-rangle and fly
Whipping up a great new beat;
A rhythm – tingle-tangle – oh my!
I'm comin' outta my seat!

Come on! Let's go! Not slow! 

Di-di-do, Di-di-dee-do! Fingers run
High notes – then low;
We're nearly done. Havin' us some fun!

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