Thursday, October 17, 2013


Tree by the lake
Your leaves fly, flip, fall
Fluttering to the water
Become boats 
Slip-slip-slipping in the wind's current
Settling softly from the surface
To their storage shelf on the lake's bottom.

Tree by the lake
Your leaves tumble, twirl, swirl 
Pirouette across the pasture
Become lifejackets
Grip-grapple-grouping under lilac bushes,
Burrowing beneath the blue Spruce
To blanket the bare earth against winter's cold.

Tree by the lake
Your leaves lazily linger, loiter 
Lifting on the autumn wind
Becoming ships,
List-list-listing light as silvery sailboats, 
Ferrying summer's light and life
To the other shore safe beyond winter—to spring.

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