Thursday, July 30, 2015

Resolve to Live

He misses a joy, who cannot endure a thorn.

Resolve to Live
 By Elece Hollis

If my hands are closed, holding tightly to what I have,
I cannot receive what God wants to place in them.

If my eyes are closed tightly to shut out painful sights
I fear to see, I will not see beauty.

If my heart is shut up against the hurt of others,
I will have no strength to deal with my own wounds.

 If my mind is closed to the ideas of those I disagree with,
I will not know if what I believe is truth.

 Open my hands.

Open my eyes.

Open my heart.

Open my mind.

Here is life—and I don't want to miss it,
Glorious, painful, awesome, 
Fearfully wonderful